Out of Whole Cloth

The fan belt slipped while driving down the street this morning, screeching awfully at 6:20 am in a residential neighborhood. I reached over to turn off the heater right away and with some alarm, imagined people still in bed waking up with this noise and blaming the driver for not maintaining his car properly.

*** FULL STOP ***

Stopped. Right there.

What actually just happened ?

Sound. (screeching)

Interpretation. (unpleasant)

Effect. [imagined] (late-sleeping neighbors,
disturbed by the noise)

Response.[imagined] (disturbed former sleepers,
blaming the driver)

Reaction. (alarm)

Sensory experience, followed by an emotional reaction, two scenes concocted entirely in imagination complete with characters, dim lighting, polka dot pajamas, activity, spoken lines, bursting with meaning, judgement passed, and then an emotional reaction to the drama played out entirely in imagination.

How real was any of this ?

Real and unreal entwine together as this day’s story-making gets underway.

In just a second or two, a peaceful mind became a busy, imaginative place, which induced an emotion of alarm in response to potential people who never existed anywhere but in imagination.

Have you noticed this in your own experience ?

How many times every day does this happen ?

How much of our life is the product of imagination ?

Something to consider while changing the fan belt…

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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2 Responses to Out of Whole Cloth

  1. skipperdad says:

    For me it is less of how many times does it happen but when does it not happen and how to tell.

  2. Catching up with your blog after about a month’s hiatus for a Vipassana meditation course. Really wonderful posts. Thanks so much for sharing. And, yes–I have noticed this in my own experience. The good news–> I’m noticing it!!

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