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Free E-books

Free e-books by Nirmala, Byron Katie, Nisargadata, Sogyal Rinpoche, Adyashanti, Paramahansa Yogananda and others. Check it! http://www.freespiritualebooks.com/ Free e-book by Lester Levenson: Keys to the Ultimate Freedom Free e-book by Peter Cutler: The Zen of Love Free e-book by Sadhu Om: The … Continue reading

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About Satori …

Oshaku Okumura, one of the foremost exponents of Dogen’s teachings, said when he was asked about Satori: “Satori is nothing but being aware of, or being alert in, whatever activity you are doing right now, right here. Any activity is … Continue reading

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What is Water ?

A humble , honest look at the actual day-to-day, moment to moment experience of one person. Sound familiar ? A big part of the spiritual journey, told in less than 10 minutes. This video comes from here: https://vimeo.com/68855377  

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Five Mule Deer

Five mule deer Five mule deer poised and alert all but hidden behind the blind heads floating above a smoke grey frenzy of brush. Shining black pairs of eyes intently gazing toward the road something moving, drawing closer. Tall charcoal … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat 2014

Why retreat ? Only don’t know. No reason. Just have to. Just doing. Just. Silence calls, but not from elsewhere. Not doing beckons, but not from distance. It’s no-time to do nothing, to suffer the misery of the kleshas, to … Continue reading

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Sermons by Cha’an Master Ma Tsu

[ Thanks to the bloggers at Awakening to Reality for the entirety of this post. Enjoy !] Sermons by Ch’an Master Ma-tsu Posted by: Wei Yu Ma-tsu (709-788) The Patriarch said to the assembly, “All of you should believe that … Continue reading

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The Tientiei Mountains are my Home by Han Shan

Han Shan For what do people strive? Money, fame, successful relationships, or the Dharma? Attain Dharma and gain more than the other three combined. He who has attained Dharma lacks nothing. He called himself ‘Cold Mountain’ and lived as a … Continue reading

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Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika

[ Teacher week continues with Ed Muzika on SIAOF. Enjoy !] Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika When I first started practicing Zen at Mount Baldy Zen Center, we would have four or five groups of sitting sessions a day, … Continue reading

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” On Zen ” by Daio Kokushi

“On Zen,” by Daio Kokushi There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth; Indeed, it has no form, much less a name; Eyes fail to see it; It has no voice for ears to detect; To call it … Continue reading

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Ryokan: The Never-Despising

In the morning, bowing to all; In the evening, bowing to all. Respecting others is my only duty– Hail to the Never-despising Bodhisattva. In heaven and earth he stands alone. A real monk Needs Only one thing– a heart like … Continue reading

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