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Science Studies… Awakening ?

Can science actually study awakening ? This April, I attended the 2014 Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ,  titled Toward a Science of Consciousness. The conference consists mostly of academic work in the fields of neuroscience, brain science, philosophy, psychology, and … Continue reading

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if there’s no ‘there’ out there… by miriam louisa

if there’s no ‘there’ out there… by miriam louisa I keep on checking but I always fail to find a ‘within’ or ‘out there’ apart from thoughts in mind so how can I ‘go within’ to ‘nurture’ the Immeasurable or ‘cultivate’ it … Continue reading

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the unnameable is the eternally real by miriam louisa

the blessing emelle says homeless I found the unassailable rock of refuge penniless I found the treasure that can’t be bought or sold exhausted and ill I found healing in that which is ever whole purposeless I found delight in … Continue reading

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Thoughts Dance their Enticing Moves by Nirmala

Thoughts dance their enticing moves before my entranced inner sight but the spell is broken when I wonder who is entranced memories beckon seductively with all the luster they can manage yet their shine is swallowed in the light behind … Continue reading

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Outside it’s sunny. Sunshine and clear skies all month. A week ago, the internal weather of disposition turned grey, the kind of milky, hazy grey that gives no rain. Grey day followed grey, growing gloomier, feeling less and less spacious. … Continue reading

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Ho’oponopono and The Bicycle Thief

Posted on the Ho’oponopono Gathering FB Group: My property was burgled; only a bicycle and pump were stolen from the shed. Please Ho’op the unknown thief. I love you , am sorry, thank you, forgive me ! Posted in response … Continue reading

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How Very Odd – Poetry by Miriam Louisa

[ Guest post from the poet Miriam Louisa of the blog ECHOES FROM EMPTINESS. Enjoy ! ] how very odd by miriam louisa 320 How very odd it is, that the enlightenment we so earnestly seek is the only thing we … Continue reading

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Shadow Work by Scott Kiloby

[ Guest Post by Scott Kiloby. This seemed a good time to post something about shadows. Right before Thanksgiving in the US and the coming start of the Christmas season, many people have heightened tension in their lives. It often … Continue reading

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The Open Question

On a weekend retreat some years ago, was introduced to the technique of inquiry. The instruction was to look into our nature by using the question ” What am I ? ” We were also given the “answer” to the … Continue reading

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Greg Goode and the Experience of Pain

[ The following will be added to the page “Looking Into the Experience of Pain”. Thanks to Greg Goode for the entirety of this page, extracted from his book  THE DIRECT PATH :  A User Guide ] EXPERIMENT 10 – … Continue reading

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