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Welcome to a corner of cyberspace dedicated to exploring human experience, spiritual practices, freedom and awakening, the spaciousness of being,  free verse, and anything that wants to be written.

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  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. I’ve been reading yours from time to time. I’m not actually sure who is running this blog. I don’t know if I’ve encountered you on the old RT and current LU sites.

    Anyway, I note that you spelled the name of my blog incorrectly in the link. It’s Neosimian Sapiens rather than Neosimian Sapians.

    While I’m here, thank you for use a serif font and reasonably-sized paragraphs in your articles. That makes it more likely that I’ll read them!

    • dominic724 says:

      Hi, Timothy! It’s Diego from the LU groups on FB. Ooops about the typo, thanks for telling me. Fixed. The paragraphs are usually smaller when I have written the post. If it’s a guest post, usually I leave the formatting alone, even if it’s not how I would have done it. Have enjoyed many posts on your blog, particularly the “Self Meme” and the hairless ape poem. Thanks for commenting when you stopped by. – d

  2. dadirri7 says:

    Hello Dominic, Just passing the Candle Lighter Award on to you with great pleasure …your blog is bright light to us all! Just ignore it if you prefer, at least you can smile about it, a moment’s pleasure 🙂 Read about it here, http://wp.me/p1kP6q-tD Christine PS Thanks for linking to my humble blog too.

  3. Ian Mullen says:

    Hi Dominic, I stumbled across you because you stumbled across me. You visited my website last autumn and left a note on the blog about enlightenment. I was on the same journey as you for about 30 years, and I didn’t break through to enlightenment, but I did discover many things that I write about at westcoastword.wordpress.com . I have many questions that I think you could answer. Is it possible that we could enter into a dialogue in some way? perhaps through e-mail?

    • dominic724 says:

      Ian: Yes.
      inanopenfield@gmail.com is the e-mail associated with this blog.
      On facebook am ” diego stargazer.”
      I would be very happy to e-mail with you !

      Waking up is much less about answering questions than it is about noticing where the questions come from, What wants to know? Is there actually a what that is there, asking ? Or does the questioning simply arise, spontaneously ?


  4. John Ptacek says:


    It appears I am rubbing shoulders with your friends today. One suggested I check out your very informative site.

    Would you care to swap links? My essays demystify the concept of non-duality for a wider audience. It is a tonic for the masses, no? They appear on my website, On Second Thought, http://www.johnptacek.com. If you decide to check it out, I think you’ll find we share an understanding.


  5. John Ptacek says:

    Thanks, Diego. I shall follow your recommendation and check it out.

    Your link will appear on my site today. Glad we connected.

  6. Hi Dominic, Thanks for linking to ‘Resting In Awareness’. I’m new to blogging – how do you do that? I have tried using the link button to insert an address in the text of a post, but it doesn’t work for me. I see in the support pages that other WordPress bloggers have had the same problem. Is linking different?
    By the way, if you want to discuss awakening, please email me at the address on my about page.

    • dominic724 says:

      Go to DASHBOARD.
      There are a list of icons along the left side: POSTS, MEDIA, STORE, etc. One of the is LINKS.
      Click on LINKS.
      LINKS opens to ALL LINKS, NEW LINK.
      Click on NEW LINK.
      FIll in the address url, the name and if you like a description, and if you categorize, where you’d like the link to show up.

      I do not put links in text because psych studies show that it causes reading retention to plummet – the decision whether to click or not is enough to throw the attention off track.


  7. I meant “discuss waking up stories”:)

  8. Hi Dominic, I’ve set up a link to ‘Standing in an Open Field’

  9. Hi Dominic,
    I am happy to be nominating you for a Sunshine Award. Kindly check out my own post, ‘Sunshine award’ (May 3), for more details. You can also take the image from my blog by clicking on it and downloading it.
    Thanks for your encouragement. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
    ~ Paul

  10. Obviously, the Universe wants you to know beyond doubt that your work is appreciated. I was moved to list you as one of my nominees for The Most Versatile Blogger Award, and when I scrolled down to make this comment, I can see you have also been chosen for the Sunshine Award. Shine on, Dominic724.

  11. Hi Dominic,
    I’ve put up a link to Liberation Unleashed, which seems like a worthy enterprise. Am I correct in thinking that it is a non-profit organization?
    ~ Paul

    • dominic724 says:

      Yes. It’s 100% volunteer. There is not even a way to donate. In fact, you could go to the forum, go through the “gate process” (for you it would be a formality – you could even tell them so) and then become a guide if you were so inclined. What makes it extraordinary is that it takes weeks, days, or even hours for people to permanently see through the illusion of separation, without many years of meditation. (which most of us had, because the LU didn’t exist yet.) Then if they are so inclined, they can help others, either by guiding, or blogging, or both. Some are even making a few videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPGzc4BNE14 ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNiZiCwcBZU& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyNwhK2Ur1c&feature=relmfu . There is also a free e-book of awakening transcripts : http://liberationunleashed.com/LU_Books.html .

      It fascinates. Nondual approaches seem to me a sort of outside>>>in, where there is seeing the absence of seperation ; the Gate crossing is sort of inside >>> out where there is seen that there is no one there to be seperate from anything. Both are about looking and seeing, rather than thinking. I have enjoyed and been inspired by many of Adyashanti’s talks, Rupert Spira’s talks, and still sit satsangs with Nirmala on occasion. Nonduality helped prior to the Gate crossing so that it was not such a shock here. Very complementary approaches. Two sides of the same gold coin.

      So how wonderful ! Thank you for your comment.- d

  12. ZenSoapbox says:

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Here is the link to the post on my site: http://zensoapbox.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/the-one-lovely-blog-award/. Thank you for your thought-provoking and inspirational posts!

  13. dominic724 says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting ! – d

  14. Thank you dear Dominic for another lovely cascade of *likes* on my blog … the nod is a mutual one. _/|\_

  15. Dominic thank you for stopping and liking a post. It always greatly appreciated when another sentient being pauses and enjoys. I look forward to journeying with you and enjoying your writing about the eclectic topics you choose each day.

    Take care,


  16. johncoyote says:

    Thank you for the positive poetry and thoughts. It is good to be reminded to walk on a good path and seek hopeful dreams. Easy to forget. Life can be good.

  17. Chris Beal says:

    Hi — Just curious since I saw that you had checked out my own blog. What a plethora of teachings you have here! Pamela Wilson is my most recent teacher, so there is some commonality.

  18. skyeblaine says:

    Dominic, the email I have for you bounced. Can you write me at myname@gmail.com so I can update it?
    Amrita Skye

  19. skyeblaine says:

    (my name like next to my picture, not how I signed the note)

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