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Faith and Belief

Many people who don’t sound religious or spiritual are full of faith: faith in their abilities to know, to infer, to discern, to discover, to do and experience all sorts of things. They cannot prove that they will do these … Continue reading

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Have found it helpful to believe as little as possible. Belief occupies the vacant places where knowledge is missing and experience cannot reach. Knowledge and experience makes sense in a reality based life, at least to this one. Nonetheless, have … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe It !

” I can’t believe it ! ” How many times has this thought come to mind, while looking at something or hearing something that surprises. Why? Reality (experience) didn’t match with thought. (belief, expectation, memory) Example: Your oldest friend (insert … Continue reading

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Family and the Holidays

[This post is written from the relative view of a Buddhist practitioner who in years past struggled to skillfully and lovingly engage his relatives during the holidays.] ” What kind of karma did I have to end up in this … Continue reading

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Buddha, Belief and the Egoic Mind

” Don’t believe a word I say! ” exhorted Chris Wright to the Friday night group at the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa, AZ. This was the beginning of a dynamic and engaging Dharma talk ranging across a gamut of … Continue reading

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