Onscathed: Seeing Clearly

The hardest thing about the descent into the cancer world was a surprise, like almost everything else in the cancer journey.

It wasn’t “faith”, or physical pain, or even a lack of resources. (this time, at least)

Paradoxically, it was not even hard to put into effect.

It was hard to see.

After stalking off into the verdant jungle of phytonutrients, enzymes, chlorophyll-enhanced mineral supplements, juicing and veganism that constituted the first impression of the alternative cancer sub-world, it got harder to see much of anything past what I was doing today, and the very next supplement or practice to add in.

So as I focused all the free time and energy and resources available on “killing cancer”, and as the disease progressed and the body started to get rather thin, the most obvious course of action eluded awareness.

Post flight from the conveyors of the paradigm of poison, I was working on this problem “alone”.

Many authors made for good company, but the body still got skinnier.

Turning away from one kind of professional “help” led to a contraction, a closedness toward asking for help from anyone, even those medical professionals more closely aligned with my values and worldview.

This needed to be seen through and released; moving out of the contracted state and then reaching out to the available professional services in the alt-cancer medical field.

Once I started looking, it was quite easy.

There are several alternative cancer treatment facilities within a day’s drive; some within commuting distance.

When I brought enthusiasm to the clinic’s expertise, the healing process began immediately.

But first, sine qua non, there had to be seeing that I needed help, and then reaching out for the help that was available..

Cancer was not going to work out as a solo project.

And that took a little while to realize.

Experience is this one’s greatest teacher, even through illness.

Photomicrograph of B Cell lymphoma

Jungle photo from here.

Photomicrograph from here.

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2 Responses to Onscathed: Seeing Clearly

  1. skyeblaine says:

    This journey you’ve been writing about is fascinating.
    The email I had for you from years ago bounced. My email is my name next to my picture at gmail.com
    Could you drop me a note so I can respond?
    Amrita Skye (I can’t remember which name you know me by.)

  2. “Experientia docet…” was my favorite Latin quote in the abbey. And it was the simplest and easiest to remember. Experience is the best teacher because we must do whatever it is we must learn. You were one of my life teachers dear Domenic. Without you i would never have known about the abbey or entered its hidden world. Nestled on the bucolic Main Line that was home to our beloved garden plots as children, your father took us to work on our shared love of nature. After following a calling into religious life there in college, i was introduced to Dr. Anthony Satillaro who wrote Recalled By Life: The Story of My Recovery From Cancer from his office as president of Methodist Hospital where many of us were born in South Philly. He had a radio show as well and your mother also followed him finding hope in her own battle with cancer. Thank you for sharing your words, your journey, your experience, your friendship. Sending you blessings across the miles and time zones that your blog connects us to in this present timeless moment… Namaste!

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