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promised land: stories from awakeville

the promised land lacks nothing filled with food, wine, money, sex, and wi-fi the promised land the grand reward for those who persevere overflowing with the wanted and the worth-its the promised land more real than real MUST hold no … Continue reading

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Shaktipat: Leaving Room for Grace

His name is Ramaji. Ramaji does a kind of energetic transmission called RASA . It felt amazing – unlike anything else. * A friend of mine had told me about Ramaji. You never know what friends are into. A group of … Continue reading

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About Satori …

Oshaku Okumura, one of the foremost exponents of Dogen’s teachings, said when he was asked about Satori: “Satori is nothing but being aware of, or being alert in, whatever activity you are doing right now, right here. Any activity is … Continue reading

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The One Process

The One Process Worksop     This extraordinary One Process Workshop helped deepen current experience here, clarifying some questions about post-awakening life through powerful direct inquiry and focused contemplation. Ken Kelly and Brigitte Hansoul lead the practices through a highly … Continue reading

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can you, do you, live this savage wisdom? by miriam louisa

can you, do you, live this savage wisdom? by miriam louisa impossible! see this ultimate knowingness isn’t a teaching, a path, a doctrine one can ‘live’ or embody (although the earnest peddlers of nonduality apps would love you to buy the … Continue reading

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Sermons by Cha’an Master Ma Tsu

[ Thanks to the bloggers at Awakening to Reality for the entirety of this post. Enjoy !] Sermons by Ch’an Master Ma-tsu Posted by: Wei Yu Ma-tsu (709-788) The Patriarch said to the assembly, “All of you should believe that … Continue reading

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Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika

[ Teacher week continues with Ed Muzika on SIAOF. Enjoy !] Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika When I first started practicing Zen at Mount Baldy Zen Center, we would have four or five groups of sitting sessions a day, … Continue reading

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Emotional Truth By Ed Muzika

[ Teacher week on SIAOF continues with a guest post from Ed Muzika. Enjoy !] Emotional Truth By Ed Muzika Thirty years ago I was engaged in dialogue with the leading transpersonal researchers of that time, Ken Wilber and Dan … Continue reading

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Dirty Love by Jeff Foster

[ Teacher week on SIAOF continues. Enjoy !] Dirty Love by Jeff Foster Waking up doesn’t mean simply believing that you are ‘no-one’ and ‘nothing’ and detaching yourself from the relative realities of life – hunger, pain, bliss, loss – … Continue reading

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Enlightenment is Not an Experience by Linda Clair

[ Teacher week continues with Linda Clair. Enjoy !] Enlightenment is not an experience by Linda Clair Q: What do you mean when you say that enlightenment is not an experience? Linda:  An experience has a beginning, a middle and … Continue reading

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