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Primitive Hut Retreat

primitive hut retreat on a breezy hillside of scrub forest in winter little hooves scuff by at 1:00 am one morning two owls duel hooting in the predawn dark immersed in natural quiet alive, vital, spacious, free animal, vegetable and … Continue reading

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Ascend in Silence

Ascend in silence Ascend in silence rest in spacious sky-like awareness horizon to horizon no time…no lack…no effort. Descend into silence greet the menagerie untamed beasties roaming the wilds of an unowned mind. Stand as silence like the ubiquitous junipers … Continue reading

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Noble Silence, Noble Solitude

Noble Silence Silence gives one the space to notice one’s own thoughts. Silence puts one in touch with the reality of the heart, whatever it might be. Silence makes it easier to watch one’s actions. Silence protects one from oneself. … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat Reading

Brought three books to read – actually more, but retreats are not really for reading, and am not sure until I arrive what book will draw attention. This retreat : Indestructible Innocence by A.H. Almaas Feed Your Demons by Tsultrim … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat at Garchen

Time for some mental health time-outs. This year’s choice: Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley, AZ; altitude of 4692 ft. (1) in the mountainous North Central  region of the state. The Garchen Buddhist Institute stands on a group of rocky … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat 2014

Why retreat ? Only don’t know. No reason. Just have to. Just doing. Just. Silence calls, but not from elsewhere. Not doing beckons, but not from distance. It’s no-time to do nothing, to suffer the misery of the kleshas, to … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat III : Why Retreat into Silence ?

In a word, love. Love of silence, of mere being, of thusness – the completeness of things as they are. Anything else ? Freedom from doing, from the sense of doer-ship. Yes, freedom from the role of the doer, freedom from … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat and Simple Living

What do we need , really ? For six days, I joyfully lived without the following: The internet/computer Television/radio Coffee Candy Meat/Poultry/Fish Snack foods Fermented beverages Dinner Given how most of these are part of daily life, makes me wonder … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat at Spirit Falls

The silence calls. It has called for years. Since 2005, I have answered by immersion in silence at least once each year, sometimes more if possible. This year, visited a retreat center for the first time: Spirit Falls in Pine, … Continue reading

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Always said it wasn’t an addiction, since there were no cravings after the fact. For years, spent almost as much time as possible on the computer: reading email, news feeds, favorite websites, Facebook, blogs, surfing, buying books. Hours of screen … Continue reading

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