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Forgiveness: The Missing Link of Practice

Why is Metta / Lovingkindness so ” hard ” ? Why is it even a “thing ” for practitioners ? Practitioners are self-selected, interested, motivated. Do they not wish to broadcast loving  energy to the world, and to everyone they … Continue reading

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Ex Nihilo

Don’t tell me I am space we are space space is all there is I feel solid objects I feel emotions I know what I think I don’t believe what you are saying I believe in science I am myself … Continue reading

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RASA, Ramaji, shaktipat

At first, spiritual practice felt like increasing control. Morality. Ethics. Sila. This lasted for years, and it felt good. I am a good person. I can trust myself. Others can trust me. Etc. Then the first break came. And I … Continue reading

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promised land: stories from awakeville

the promised land lacks nothing filled with food, wine, money, sex, and wi-fi the promised land the grand reward for those who persevere overflowing with the wanted and the worth-its the promised land more real than real MUST hold no … Continue reading

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ice walk: stories from awakeville

brittle splitting of frozen crystals spider veins radiate outward jagged, wild no one to fall through the thinned ice today the ice splits nonetheless some weight made the ice split whose ? who hears the brittle snapping all around so … Continue reading

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simulacrum : stories from awakeville

the wide open spaciousness of awakeville didn’t need a golem but mind made one anyway without telling anyone the golem was translucent and easy to miss he could do most things the old me could do and better secretly, the … Continue reading

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no land in sight

no land in sight by dominic 724   everyone is looking for a lighthouse, a beacon, a buoy, s o m e t h i n g to tell us we are going the right way …. it helps to … Continue reading

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Four Awake Teachers on Video

Culadasa, author of The Mind Illuminated shares 5 insights into the nondual / awake life. I have met Culadasa many times, including at his home, the last time in 2016 at the Toward A Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ. He … Continue reading

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transpersonal by dominic724   meeting apparent others across far scattered time zones views and traditions locations of mind bearing witness to pain of experience subtle confusion distinct imbalances of vision, emotion, and body each in turn standing naked speaking bare-hearted … Continue reading

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The Rafting Trip

The Rafting Trip by Peter Tjeerdsma Life has been a whitewater rafting trip for the personality I wear at this time. Restful pools of chilling depth . . . relaxing . . . just long enough to dump me over … Continue reading

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