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Earth Day 2016 – A Contemplation

[ In honor of the Earth for Earth Day; Monday  April 22, 2016. This post is written to be read out loud.] Every moment, the Earth supports all life upon it. The Earth provides everything we need. I cannot make … Continue reading

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No True Things by Susan Kahn

No True Things To see that there are no true things Is to fall through crevasses, Through the appearing bedrock And into an emptiness. One finds a freedom To wander among open fields Of neither thing nor no thing. With … Continue reading

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Consciousness Is Empty (and so is love) by Susan Kahn

[ Teacher week continues with Susan Kahn. Enjoy ! ] Consciousness Is Empty (and so is love) by Susan Kahn From the perspective of emptiness teachings, to say that something is empty means that it is empty of inherent existence, neither self-created nor … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day for the Black Sheep

March of 2003; my mother was in a very advanced stage of her final bout with cancer. Had been visiting for a few days at her place. It was 10:30 at night, and we had just finished watching a TV … Continue reading

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Out of Whole Cloth

The fan belt slipped while driving down the street this morning, screeching awfully at 6:20 am in a residential neighborhood. I reached over to turn off the heater right away and with some alarm, imagined people still in bed waking … Continue reading

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