A Wholesome Practice

In 2001 I received Usui Reiki attunements to the “Teacher” level.

Usui Mikao, Originator of Reiki

Sitting quietly in someone’s living room for part of 3 Sunday afternoons after taking a class was all it took to invite the Reiki energy to move through this body-mind. In Reiki-speak, to be attuned to the Reiki energy. It required very little time and less effort.1

One of the beautiful things about Reiki is that it came with the development of a 6th sensory modality. Some people already have this modality, and some develop it through other means.

(Some people do not develop it, and the degree of sensitivity does not alter the actual effects Reiki has on living systems4. )

Am referring to the extension of the sense of touch outside the physical body. This effect alone permanently changed what the world felt like. Solid objects were no longer quite so solid if you could feel inside them or through them. Way cool !

So that was “outside”.

Looking “inside”, what does it mean that this has come to me? For I don’t recall how long after the attunements, I would check each morning to make sure the Reiki energy was still there. After a while, I finally accepted that I had in fact become a life-long channel for the Reiki energy; it would not fail to come when called. It still comes, many years later.

More importantly, this beautiful practice freed up the “stuck in my head” syndrome and got much more attention into the body. More than worth it for this benefit alone.

The practice of regularly and frequently sending Reiki at a distance also immediately began to alter this one’s sense of what does “far away” even mean?

Visualizing people or events not physically present and then sending Reiki also prepared this mind for the visualizations to come in Tibetan Buddhist practices.

Distance Reiki was my first version of loving-kindness practice, and it brought great delight into this experience.

Reiki could also be used to create an “energy screen” between you and someone emitting “negative energy”. ( anger, manipulation, etc.) The Reiki screen was incredibly effective, so much so that I used it infrequently, feeling that it interfered with compassionate identification with the other person.

Reiki also proved effective for quickly reducing topical pain2 and stopping blood flow from cuts.3 It is good for other things as well, a handy energetic multi-tool, but these examples from among many first leapt to mind.

Many thanks and a deep bow in gassho to Usui Mikao sensei, the historic originator of Reiki, and to all the teachers of the Usui lineage who have since passed it along !

Reiki The Healing Touch by William Lee Rand
  1. To call anyone a “Master” of Reiki is misleading, implying they had achieved something difficult through years of work, education and experience. It also implies that Reiki is a challenging skill to learn. Neither one is true. Reiki is not so much learned as received. Once you start using it, it teaches you. There are even distant attunements where the attuner is not even in the same city or country. You can get even attuned in your sleep !
  2. Many crying children I have been close to over the years quickly became calm as the pain and shock from a bump or scrape were soothed and dissolved by the Reiki energy.
  3. In 2002 a wood chopping accident resulted in a quick trip to the closest hospital ER. At the rate the freshly cut thumb was bleeding, the car would have been rather messy. Reiki completely stopped the profuse bleeding within seconds, and the pain was surprisingly minimal.
  4. Some research on Reiki here & here and here. Anecdotes can be found here.
  5. Today Reiki is widely recognized as a valuable complementary therapy in hospitals and hospices.

The Usui photo came from here.

If you are interested in this topic, a good place to look further is here and here.

The William Lee Rand book shown above was used in our training class.

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