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Old Photo

Old photo seeing my parents before we were born  . young and happy full of energy before they knew  . disappointment from themselves from their kids from each other  . It’s hard to believe they  ever looked quite so young … Continue reading

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Solstice Fire

PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON ! my brother belted out   his four-year old son’s favorite song with great gusto  enthusiasm for PUFF ranged around the fire crackling from Immanuel’s fire pit keeping time on the djembe moon not yet risen … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day for the Black Sheep

March of 2003; my mother was in a very advanced stage of her final bout with cancer. Had been visiting for a few days at her place. It was 10:30 at night, and we had just finished watching a TV … Continue reading

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Suchness Son

I have a god son, Albert. Really, he is my suchness son, since neither his parents nor I are theistic. Since no one knows what a suchness son is except for us, it’s simpler to call him my god son … Continue reading

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Courage to be Vulnerable

The first time I met Lakshmi, she was anxious. Immanuel, an old friend,  had begun a relationship with her and it had developed quickly. We met at Immanuel’s place over tea and cookies as part of her ” meeting the … Continue reading

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Family and the Holidays

[This post is written from the relative view of a Buddhist practitioner who in years past struggled to skillfully and lovingly engage his relatives during the holidays.] ” What kind of karma did I have to end up in this … Continue reading

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