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RASA, Ramaji, shaktipat

At first, spiritual practice felt like increasing control. Morality. Ethics. Sila. This lasted for years, and it felt good. I am a good person. I can trust myself. Others can trust me. Etc. Then the first break came. And I … Continue reading

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A Question the Buddha Refused to Answer

…From Culadasa ( John Yates ) …Most people at the time of the Buddha believed in reincarnation, or were at least concerned about it as a possibility, [but] the Buddha refused to answer questions about where we come from and … Continue reading

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Out of Whole Cloth

The fan belt slipped while driving down the street this morning, screeching awfully at 6:20 am in a residential neighborhood. I reached over to turn off the heater right away and with some alarm, imagined people still in bed waking … Continue reading

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