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Truth is too simple for words by Nirmala

Truth is too simple for words by Nirmala Truth is too simple for words before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs there is a wordless sound a deep breathless sigh of overwhelming relief to find the end of … Continue reading

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Thoughts Dance their Enticing Moves by Nirmala

Thoughts dance their enticing moves before my entranced inner sight but the spell is broken when I wonder who is entranced memories beckon seductively with all the luster they can manage yet their shine is swallowed in the light behind … Continue reading

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Poetry Week

Spiritual experience can explode like a hydrogen bomb, leveling the old life, leaving behind fertile smoking cinders from which a new way of living is born. Prose  often utterly fails to capture such events; profound glimpses into new worlds, deep … Continue reading

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The Open Question

On a weekend retreat some years ago, was introduced to the technique of inquiry. The instruction was to look into our nature by using the question ” What am I ? ” We were also given the “answer” to the … Continue reading

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“What Else Here is Present ?” by Nirmala

[Guest post from Nirmala as Teacher Week continues on SIAOF. Enjoy !] What Else Here is Present ? …. by Nirmala Someone contacted me on Facebook and shared the following: Desire is gone, I move thru the days almost like … Continue reading

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Guilt and Regret

For children, feeling bad may be a necessary part of the development of compassion, learning morality, and human relationships. This post is targeted to adults; individuals who daily practice moral behavior. For an adult, guilt is poison. Guilt arises from … Continue reading

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