Gently Further

Smashing stones – each stone a thought
With the sledge of knowing
A few seconds of settled mind
’till the avalanche resumes

Resting on the breath – a wrestling match
Slipping around the serpent of sensations

Walking slowly – anything but peaceful
Slight sounds jerk attention far away

Like General Grant on the battlefield
Slogging through each battle
With grim determination
There is no choice

Further, press on further

Passed the dominance of thoughts
Passed the counted, and the counter
Passed the story, and the end of stories
Passed the final loss of doubt

Further, press on further

Sensation quietly informs in a whisper of a breeze
Thoughts float lightly, as adornments of awareness
Practice flowers as non-practice, holding on to nothing

Gently further, go on gently further

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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2 Responses to Gently Further

  1. Breathtaking poem….”Thoughts float lightly, as adornments of awareness//practice flowers as non-practice…” — exquisite….

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