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Oncscathed: Two Worlds of Cancer Treatment

The cancer treatment world is really two separate worlds, based on two divergent belief systems, two different views of how the body works, what causes cancer and therefore how to treat cancer. One world sees cancer as a genetic disorder, … Continue reading

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Say what you please, as long as it does not prevent you from seeing how things are. (And when you see that, there will be some things that you won’t say.) – Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations 2009 #79 ********************************************* Header … Continue reading

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All We Know is Mind by Robert Salzman

[  Guest post by Robert Salzman. Enjoy ! ] Robert Saltzman Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 3:20pm All we know is mind. There isn’t any understanding, there isn’t any “God.” That which we have named “reality” or “the world” is … Continue reading

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The Buddha’s Warning Against Getting Caught in Doctrines

[ Guest post by Steven Goodheart of METTA REFUGE . Enjoy ! ] The Buddha’s Warning Against                      Getting Caught in Doctrines 2011/12/02 by Steven Goodheart The following conversation was reported to have taken place between the ascetic Dighanaka and Gautama the … Continue reading

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Nothing but Memory

A quarter century ago, I came to live in this city. First place of residence was a friend’s couch in a small apartment. Business took me back to that block of former apartments, now condos, for the first time since … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe It !

” I can’t believe it ! ” How many times has this thought come to mind, while looking at something or hearing something that surprises. Why? Reality (experience) didn’t match with thought. (belief, expectation, memory) Example: Your oldest friend (insert … Continue reading

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The Gap in Awareness

[Guest post from Nirmala, author of the Endess-Satsang blog. A hallmark of Nirmala’s expression : embrace whatever happens with curiosity and love – it opens experience up to more of what is already here. Enjoy!] The Gap in Awareness Saturday, … Continue reading

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