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Emotional Truth By Ed Muzika

[ Teacher week on SIAOF continues with a guest post from Ed Muzika. Enjoy !] Emotional Truth By Ed Muzika Thirty years ago I was engaged in dialogue with the leading transpersonal researchers of that time, Ken Wilber and Dan … Continue reading

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The “I” Never Wakes Up

The “I” never wakes up. The “me” never learns enough to awaken. “I/me” exists as a thought story, held in imagination. The “me” does not want to wake up, ever. The “me” appears to control, yearns to control; letting go … Continue reading

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Give Up Defining Yourself by Eckhart Tolle

[ Guest post from Eckhart Tolle. Short and pithy. Chew slowly before swallowing ! Enjoy !] Give up defining yourself – to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how … Continue reading

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What do you see when you see your “self” ?

What do you see when you see your “self ” ? Do you have a pre-existing  image of yourself eating breakfast ? Is it ever  physically possible to have seen your “self” eating breakfast ? Are you not actually imagining … Continue reading

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Guilt and Regret

For children, feeling bad may be a necessary part of the development of compassion, learning morality, and human relationships. This post is targeted to adults; individuals who daily practice moral behavior. For an adult, guilt is poison. Guilt arises from … Continue reading

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