All We Know is Mind by Robert Salzman

[  Guest post by Robert Salzman. Enjoy ! ]

Robert Saltzman
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 3:20pm

All we know is mind.

There isn’t any understanding, there isn’t any “God.”

That which we have named “reality” or “the world” is mind alone.

This constant juggling of concepts (“love,” “God,” “enlightenment”)
serves only as a tactic of postponement.

All waters flow to the sea, and everyone knows it.

Language is sounds and pictures–sounds and pictures
which arise and fade away within the silence of NOW.

The silence remains.

No one has to TRY to notice silence.
It is everywhere apparent.
Totally obvious.
In each brief moment between thoughts,
silence becomes effortlessly apparent.

That primal silence, along with the effortless knowing of it, IS “you.”
Not the body,
not the autobiography,
not some package of beliefs or a story you tell yourself,
but the simple,
silent knowing
without trying.

Many thanks to Robert Salzman for this post, which can be found here:

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