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Say what you please, as long as it does not prevent you from seeing how things are. (And when you see that, there will be some things that you won’t say.) – Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations 2009 #79 ********************************************* Header … Continue reading

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The Truce

A few evenings ago, my friend Immanuel stopped by. We were going to chat about philosophical topics – specifically, the ideas of Charles Sanders Peirce. But first, I had some happy news : I had called a truce in my … Continue reading

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Immanuel and Gratitude 2.0

One of the great good fortunes of this life has been my friendship with Immanuel. How many people do I know who can talk about Arthur Schopenhauer and Shinran Shonen with equal  clarity and enthusiasm ? Immanuel was born to … Continue reading

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