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The End of The End of Seeking, or Is It ?

We have all heard it. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Depending on your disposition, this may elicit either a yawn ( of boredom, tedium or indifference ) or a scream. ( of frustration, exasperation or some such similar ) … Continue reading

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whatever has an explanation

whatever has an explanation by David Kennedy   whatever has an explanation is not love   words don’t apply in the love reality   breaking grammatical rules to flip the mind out of ordinary logic   shared consciousness breaks down … Continue reading

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Awakening is More than Seeing No self

[ The following guest post comes to you courtesy of Andrew White of the liberationdiaries here at . Many thanks to him for it. – d ]  Awakening vs. no-self When you get right down to it all spiritual paths … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2016 – A Contemplation

[ In honor of the Earth for Earth Day; Monday  April 22, 2016. This post is written to be read out loud.] Every moment, the Earth supports all life upon it. The Earth provides everything we need. I cannot make … Continue reading

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The One Process

The One Process Worksop     This extraordinary One Process Workshop helped deepen current experience here, clarifying some questions about post-awakening life through powerful direct inquiry and focused contemplation. Ken Kelly and Brigitte Hansoul lead the practices through a highly … Continue reading

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Forgive Everyone, Everything, Forever

[ Cross-posted from Vanishing Narrative. Enjoy ! ]

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Poetry Week

Spiritual experience can explode like a hydrogen bomb, leveling the old life, leaving behind fertile smoking cinders from which a new way of living is born. Prose  often utterly fails to capture such events; profound glimpses into new worlds, deep … Continue reading

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S.N. Goenka: The Passing of a Noble Being

Hon. S.N.Goenka Posted on October 2, 2013 by sinhaladhamma A NOBLE BEING DEPARTS Honarable S. Goenka who helped thousands of Dhamma Seekers passed away on 29th September 2013. Thanks to these sites :

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Just This

The blazing solar fury of June slows life to a crawl in the heliocentric Southwest US. We pretend that AC changes everything. It doesn’t. Step outside, and climatic intensity dominates experience. Hard to hold nondual ( or any ) ideas … Continue reading

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Teacher Week 2013

Who inspires you ? Encourages you ? Calls you to deepen your practice ? Or broaden a view ? Someone you know in person, or dead a thousand years; everyone has been deeply touched by someone at least once. That … Continue reading

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