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Onscathed: Seeing Clearly

The hardest thing about the descent into the cancer world was a surprise, like almost everything else in the cancer journey. It wasn’t “faith”, or physical pain, or even a lack of resources. (this time, at least) Paradoxically, it was … Continue reading

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Oncscathed: The End of the Search; Finding the Right Doctor

I found Dr. Colleen Huber and her team at Nature Works Best Clinic, Tempe AZ late in August, 2019. On Sept. 17th, started treatment 3 times per week with intravenous megadose vitamin C therapy. Also began keeping to a strict … Continue reading

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Floatation Tank

Ever float ? Floatation tanks, once referred to as sensory deprivation tanks, provide a way to quickly experience a deep sense of relaxation, without the effort or discipline of yoga or meditation. About 1400 pounds of Epsom salts is dissolved … Continue reading

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