The Orange Ball of Light


I had never seen a UFO before.

It was 11:30 pm on New Year’s eve.
No intoxicant of any kind clouded this mind.

Seven grownups and a teenager all sat around a radiantly hot bonfire
carefully tended in my friend Immanuel’s spacious back yard.

Enjoying the clarity of the night, I frequently gazed up at the spacious starry sky. This time, looking up to the North, hung a single orange light.

What’s that ?
Everyone turned to look.
No one had any idea what it was.

Nothing in the night sky glows orange, right?

Not… planes (red/green lights)
…helicopters (white light)
…stars (white)
…satellites (white/metallic).

Hot air balloons could be orange, but do they fly at night ?
Are they continuously luminous?

Blimps don’t glow,
they fly much lower than this object,
and blimps are shaped like blimps.

Shooting stars do not hang around so long.

Planets do not move across arcs of sky in a minute or two.

All of us ogled the odd orange light which moved slowly, steadily South in a straight line. I looked away for a moment and back – now the light was headed East, 90 degrees right angled to its original heading; same rate, straight heading, same silence.

It disappeared into the Eastern sky, about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes after first notice. If it were obscured by (invisible) clouds, we could not see either anymore.

The rate of travel ought to have left the orange light visible for much longer.

What was it ? Who knows ?

I filed a report with the organization MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network ) an American non-profit group which investigates UFOs and UFO-related phenomena.

If you have seen something in the sky that does not make sense, the link to report it is :

Post Script: A field investigator from MUFON interviewed me by phone today. Before we hung up, she mentioned that for the last month her entire caseload has been full of orange lights – seen all over the skies of the U.S.

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The photo of another orange ball of light seen above Seattle is from here:

The MUFON home page is :

MUFON per Wikipedia:

The X-files theme song is here:

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