The “I” Never Wakes Up

The “I” never wakes up.

The “me” never learns enough to awaken.

“I/me” exists as a thought story, held in imagination.

The “me” does not want to wake up, ever.
The “me” appears to control, yearns to control; letting go is not on its agenda.
The “me” can set off the hand grenade of fear to protect the ruse a little longer.

Something else is in operation, recognizing itself.

Not a thought.
Not a story.
Not an identity.
Not anything imagined.

Awakening ends the energy-sucking dominance of the “I/me” thought complex.
Attention becomes free and available for life. ( a.k.a. experience, the real )


How curious, that so many wholesome things humans enjoy  move away from identification with the I/me thought ?


  • Reducing bodily tension = subsequent reduction in the sense of “I/me.”

[ jacuzzi, steam rooms, therapeutic massage, yoga, sexuality ]

  • Reducing exaggerated sense of ownership.

[ generosity, meditation, sometimes relationships, sometimes family ]

  • Reducing exaggerated sense of identity.

[ generosity, meditation, sometimes relationships, sometimes family ]

“We” are brushing up against true nature, walking through it, living in it all the time.
It’s the only thing real thing in any experience, any relationship.

It reads this screen right now.

Experience itself, unadulterated by stories and misidentification.

“We” are misidentifying a self as a me-referring, me-possesing thought cluster called “I”.

One single clear look directly at the charade and it collapses for good. This technique is called Direct Pointing, and can be done alone or assisted on the Liberation Unleashed forum.


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2 Responses to The “I” Never Wakes Up

  1. dadirri7 says:

    well said, so simple, so easy to see once you look differently 🙂

    • dominic724 says:

      This is a style usually reserved for the VN blog. I got a comment or two that elicited the feeling it might be time for some stripped-down commentary on the SIAOF side. Thanks for your comments Christine.;-)

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