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Old Photo

Old photo seeing my parents before we were born  . young and happy full of energy before they knew  . disappointment from themselves from their kids from each other  . It’s hard to believe they  ever looked quite so young … Continue reading

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Faith and Belief

Many people who don’t sound religious or spiritual are full of faith: faith in their abilities to know, to infer, to discern, to discover, to do and experience all sorts of things. They cannot prove that they will do these … Continue reading

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Clearing Land Mines

Shadow work took off once I knew of it. Dissolving, disarming painful old stories, like land mines left from a forgotten war long ago, still waiting for a trigger. An idle word, a casual mis-step and the internal explosion shows … Continue reading

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The “I” Never Wakes Up

The “I” never wakes up. The “me” never learns enough to awaken. “I/me” exists as a thought story, held in imagination. The “me” does not want to wake up, ever. The “me” appears to control, yearns to control; letting go … Continue reading

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Looking into the Experience of Pain: An Exploration

[ This post is a copy of the new page of the same name. It’s here because readers and other people regularly either ask me about pain and meditation, or else mention that they live with chronic pain. There is … Continue reading

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