Year End Thanks to Readers

In the final hours of the first year of STANDING IN AN OPEN FIELD, I wanted to thank you all for stopping by.

It’s a total blast writing a blog, and for what if there are no readers ?

This coming year, I shall write, find and post on topics to help you in your practice.

As you may have noticed, the themes that recur here revolve around love, emptiness and the Gateless Gate – the crossing to the other shore.

But anything is fair game, and nothing is guaranteed.

Except death. [ Truth in disclosure. ]

Oh, and when ( not if, but when ) anyone out there wakes up from the dream of the separate self, if you like, I would be delighted to post your awakening account on the other blog, VANISHING NARRATIVE.

Safe and happy 2012. Thanks for reading !

In gassho,


About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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