Retreat Refrigerator Reminder

Refrigerator Dharma

This quote from Jigten Sumgon was prominently posted
on the side of the refrigerator
I was to use for 10 days.
Passed this quote daily;
read it numerous times.

It resonates with experience here, perhaps also with you:


Jigten Sumgon’s Nine Verses

On View, Meditation, Conduct & Fruition
That do not need to be looked for elsewhere:

Namo Ratmo Guru!

I have now understood
The unnecessary stream of thoughts
To be primordial awareness
There is no need to look for a view elsewhere.

I have now understood
The undistracted ordinary mind
To be meditation
There is no need to look for experience elsewhere.

I have now understood
That I have never parted from
To be the Buddha
There is no need to look for fruition elsewhere.

Where there is no grasping, there is the view.
Where there is no distraction, there is meditation.
Where there is no clinging, there is conduct.
Where there is no wish, there is fruition.

Jigten Sumgon, Founder of the Dikung Kagyu Lineage

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Many thanks to the Garchen Buddhist Institute for this quote from their lineage founder, Jigten Sumgon.

(1) The only link I could find for this quote is here:

Regarding Jigten Sumgon:

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