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Five Mule Deer

Five mule deer Five mule deer poised and alert all but hidden behind the blind heads floating above a smoke grey frenzy of brush. Shining black pairs of eyes intently gazing toward the road something moving, drawing closer. Tall charcoal … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat III : Why Retreat into Silence ?

In a word, love. Love of silence, of mere being, of thusness – the completeness of things as they are. Anything else ? Freedom from doing, from the sense of doer-ship. Yes, freedom from the role of the doer, freedom from … Continue reading

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Surprised by (post-ordination) Joy

Last night, I met Sensei to pick up the ordination certificate. He was in town to give a blessing at a local art charity event. We went over the meanings of the Kanji characters. I offered him some very high … Continue reading

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