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A Forgivable Disdain of Forgiveness

Most of us have baggage. I have only met a few who didn’t seem to have any left; they were all teachers. Many of us grew up with Christianity; most of the rest grew up in a culture heavily influenced … Continue reading

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Four Points of Dzogchen

“The essence of meditation practice in Dzogchen is encapsulated by these four points: ▪ When one past thought has ceased and a future thought has not yet risen, in that gap, in between, isn’t there a consciousness of the present … Continue reading

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Am a hopeless nondualist. No “real” self image. No self found separate from experience. No objects at all separate from consciousness. It just makes sense. That, and nondual views accord with the entirety of experience thus far. So… If everything … Continue reading

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Silent Retreat at the Merritt Center, Payson AZ

Have long felt any time spent in silence was spent best. Over Memorial Day weekend, spent part of 4 days silently serving 16 others as we walked in silence together on retreat. Our hostess, Betty Merritt, did an amazing job … Continue reading

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