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Ascend in Silence

Ascend in silence Ascend in silence rest in spacious sky-like awareness horizon to horizon no time…no lack…no effort. Descend into silence greet the menagerie untamed beasties roaming the wilds of an unowned mind. Stand as silence like the ubiquitous junipers … Continue reading

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What the Buddha Meant to Say

WHAT THE BUDDHA MEANT TO SAY You are fake. Your reaction is fake. Your pure awareness of that fake reaction is real.   *  *  **  ***   *****     ********        *************   The entirety of this post was reblogged from: http://buddhainthemud.com/2013/07/06/what-the-buddha-meant-to-say/Continue reading

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Truth is too simple for words by Nirmala

Truth is too simple for words by Nirmala Truth is too simple for words before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs there is a wordless sound a deep breathless sigh of overwhelming relief to find the end of … Continue reading

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You will get nothing out of Buddhism !

Buddhism is disappointing.  If one thinks that Buddhists will be any different from other people,then one will be disappointed! Let’s be honest, people are people, and we shouldn’t expect too much. People can acquire a lofty attitude, but at least … Continue reading

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Humility as Nothing to Defend

[ This guest post comes entirely from Jeff Foster. Enjoy ! ] I find truth in anything anyone ever says about me, so nobody can be my enemy. Call me a fraud, I can find it. Call me a liar, … Continue reading

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Mantra Marathon

About twice a year, the Garchen Institute in Chino Valley, AZ sponsors a mantra marathon. The ” Million Mantra Accumulation ” brings people together from around the world in the practice of mantra recitation. Many participants are from Singapore. This … Continue reading

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12 Pitfalls After That First Glimpse by Scott Kiloby ( via aalif )

[ Sometimes, some things are just “in the air”. Have had some ideas for posts about Waking Down /After Awakening. Scott Kiloby knocks it out of the ballpark. Many thanks to the superaalifragilistic blog here on WordPress for this amazing … Continue reading

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” On Zen ” by Daio Kokushi

“On Zen,” by Daio Kokushi There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth; Indeed, it has no form, much less a name; Eyes fail to see it; It has no voice for ears to detect; To call it … Continue reading

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What got left out of “meditation”? by David Chapman

[Please enjoy this guest post from David Chapman, who blogs at David Chapman @ WordPress.com ] What got left out of “meditation”? Posted on July 12, 2011 by David Chapman Buddhist meditation methods have been forced through a series of filters … Continue reading

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Faith and The Pathless Path

Awakening was the beginning, only just… What place for faith in the space beyond the loss of a faith-er ? For a while, it makes all the difference… then it makes none. The vastness stretches out before, behind, in every … Continue reading

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