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simulacrum : stories from awakeville

the wide open spaciousness of awakeville didn’t need a golem but mind made one anyway without telling anyone the golem was translucent and easy to miss he could do most things the old me could do and better secretly, the … Continue reading

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Enlightenment is Not an Experience by Linda Clair

[ Teacher week continues with Linda Clair. Enjoy !] Enlightenment is not an experience by Linda Clair Q: What do you mean when you say that enlightenment is not an experience? Linda:  An experience has a beginning, a middle and … Continue reading

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Consciousness Is Empty (and so is love) by Susan Kahn

[ Teacher week continues with Susan Kahn. Enjoy ! ] Consciousness Is Empty (and so is love) by Susan Kahn From the perspective of emptiness teachings, to say that something is empty means that it is empty of inherent existence, neither self-created nor … Continue reading

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