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Sina Que Non

Spirituality really means honesty: unlimited, unflinching, relentless, clear-eyed. The rest is just window dressing. ******************************************************************************* Photo from here: http://noelshaw.tumblr.com/post/6375172223/window-dressing-in-the-religious-icon-shop-en-la

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Spiritual Identity

We are enjoined by our traditions to be good. We are cajoled by our parents to be good. We hold a self image that we define as good, especially if we are particularly religious, spiritual, philosophical, political or traditional. I … Continue reading

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“I find truth in anything anyone ever says about me…” by Jeff Foster

[ Teacher Week on SIAOF concludes with this remarkable post from Jeff Foster.  Thanks for reading !] I find truth in anything anyone ever says about me, so nobody can be my enemy. Call me a fraud, I can find … Continue reading

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Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual bypassing uses a spiritual practice or concept to hide from an aspect of yourself that is painful or broken. It’s a con game dressed up in spiritual garb, and it’s very slippery. The more pious and dedicated the practitioner, … Continue reading

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