Poetry Corner

Sometimes, prose just won’t do it.

The glory of life shines, while words limp, struggle to keep up.

Ultimately , words fail.

Poetry embraces failure as its starting point.

An enormous spaciousness encompasses joy, love and simple presence through peotry.

Welcome !

http://wp.me/p1QwdP-1oi          Ascend in Silence

http://wp.me/p1QwdP-1oy         Five Mule Deer

http://wp.me/p1QwdP-1pZ        Solstice Fire

http://wp.me/s1QwdP-hafiz        Hafiz !

http://wp.me/s1QwdP-white       White

http://wp.me/p1QwdP-Wm         Silent Retreat Haiku