Free Spiritual E-Books

Free e-books by Nirmala, Byron Katie, Nisargadata, Sogyal Rinpoche, Adyashanti, Paramahansa Yogananda and others.
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Free e-book by Lester Levenson: Keys to the Ultimate Freedom

Free e-book by Peter Cutler: The Zen of Love

Free e-book by Sadhu OmThe Path of Sri Ramana, Part One

Free e-book by Sadhu Om: The Path of Sri Ramana, Part Two

Free e-book by Ed Muzika: Self-Realization and Other Awakenings

Free e-book by Bhante Gunaratana: Mindfulness in Plain English

Free e-book by Buddhadasa Bhikku: Handbook for Mankind

Free e-book from Soh of Awakening to Reality:

Free e-books from Liberation Unleashed :
Gateless Gatecrashers : 21 Contemporary Awakening Accounts , and
Enlightening Quotes from Actual Guiding Sessions

Free e-book from David Carse Perfect Brilliant Stillness

Free e-book from Ed Muzika here: Self Realization and Other Awakenings

Free Insight practice: here: Insight Practice Instructions,Adobe (.pdf)

Free Jhana practice instructions here:

A 11×17 handout of the stages of insight and awakening with a detailed table of defining criteria here:  Nanas, Jhanas and Paths Handout pages 1-2, 11×17 (tabloid size paper), Word (.doc)

Also, some guy going by the name of Vajrapriya sent me .epub and .mobi versions of the book. Thanks for his help. There is an audiobook version available also. It was most kind of the creators to make it and publish it as they did.

Free e-book: by Daniel Ingram: Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha Please see this link for more versions.  Also available in other languages, with many thanks for the diligent work of the various translators for the generous gift of their time and talents: