Fun Faves – Homegrown Posts

Homegrown is the Freshest !

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Please find some personal favorites; the posts below were written right here on SIAOF ! Enjoy !

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Mental Examination                      

Space Doesn’t Stop…Anywhere   

The Chihuahua of Faith                

Faith and the Pathless Path         

Stumbling into Grace                    

Changing Horses Midstream       

Cage Fight                                      

Walk Above the Interstate          

Sina Que Non                                 

Great Opportunity                        


Mantra Redux                               

The Watcher                                  

The Day I left for Good               

The “I” is a Fool                            

Where The Rubber Meets the Road


Spiritual Identity                         

Clearing Land Mines                    

Mara Comes to Tea                     

Midnight Chat with Mara           



Under a Hazy Moon                    

Mother’s Day for the Black Sheep 

Leaving Facebookistan                

The Assignment                            


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