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Waking Up out of a Tradition

Buddham sarinam gacchami. Dammam sarinam gacchami. Sangham sarinam gacchami. I go for refuge to Buddha , Dharma and Sangha. Through the virtues I collect from giving and other perfections, may I become a Buddha for the benefit of all. How … Continue reading

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Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika

[ Teacher week continues with Ed Muzika on SIAOF. Enjoy !] Awakening Versus Liberation by Ed Muzika When I first started practicing Zen at Mount Baldy Zen Center, we would have four or five groups of sitting sessions a day, … Continue reading

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Outside it’s sunny. Sunshine and clear skies all month. A week ago, the internal weather of disposition turned grey, the kind of milky, hazy grey that gives no rain. Grey day followed grey, growing gloomier, feeling less and less spacious. … Continue reading

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Sina Que Non

Spirituality really means honesty: unlimited, unflinching, relentless, clear-eyed. The rest is just window dressing. ******************************************************************************* Photo from here:

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Space Doesn’t Stop… Anywhere.

Space doesn’t stop…. anywhere. That’s not what it feels like, though. In the dream of the separate self, space definitely seems to stop. Space feels like it stops at the skin. So, if space feels like it stops at the … Continue reading

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Shadow Work by Scott Kiloby

[ Guest Post by Scott Kiloby. This seemed a good time to post something about shadows. Right before Thanksgiving in the US and the coming start of the Christmas season, many people have heightened tension in their lives. It often … Continue reading

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[ Guest post by Bhikku Cintita Dinsmore, author of the blog THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Enjoy !] Non-Self (Anatta) Buddhism is about looking outside the box with the eye of wisdom. It is about seeing how our rich emotional lives, though … Continue reading

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The Open Question

On a weekend retreat some years ago, was introduced to the technique of inquiry. The instruction was to look into our nature by using the question ” What am I ? ” We were also given the “answer” to the … Continue reading

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