Onscathed: Cancer and The Chakras

This cancer journey demanded an “all in” approach.

Body-mind-“spirit”- energy system. Nothing left out. The whole enchilada.

But I didn’t realize it at first.

Yes, cancer can be healed.

But not the way I started out…

The healing process did not just involve conscious mind, nor just my own actions.

This may sound obvious, but one of the things I had to understand in order to heal, this was about ALL IN.

Every level needed involvement: body, speech, conscious mind and unconscious mind, help from other people physically, energetically, and in ways undefinable.

Cancer required every level of this being to come into alignment for it to lose its comfy home here.

Cancer was a product of a weakened body, but it was also part of that body still.

I had to realize how to approach cancer comprehensively to have the best chance at success.

A common attitude many of us bring into the cancer world: if I could find the one thing to kill the cancer, that that would solve the problem.

A.k.a. “The Magic Bullet”.

So at first I went searching far and wide for the magic bullet. The Budwig protocol. Enzymatic therapy. More and more. The next thing, maybe that will do it.

This approach ran into a series of dead ends.


Because I was seeing cancer as inert, and acting as if it were simply a problem to be solved, like a math equation. That equation left out what I learned in spite of my notions; cancer like all living things strives to survive.

This magic bullet view also ignored a fundamental fact about cancer that makes it different from many other diseases: cancer cells are my own cells, run amok.

Cancer is a kind of somatic amnesia, where my own body’s cells have forgotten what they are, where they are living and how to conduct themselves in a sane manner.

So to heal from cancer, I had to heal myself – all of myself, at every level. No exceptions.

Taking in the seven basic chakras, each one needed to be included as part of the total healing that was required for the body to transform itself from a home for cancer to a strong, healthy place where cancer could not remain.

Here are some of the ways each chakra was supported and reinforced in turn to restrengthen it, make it more healthy, less prone to foster malignancy.

Some of these examples actually address several chakras at once, so I have sorted according to the primary chakra addressed. ( N.B.-Kundalini Yoga addresses all the chakras)


  • First chakra: Supplements. Kundalini Yoga. Rebounding. Other regular aerobic exercise. Sunbathing. Ketogenic diet. Intravenous Vitamin C. Hyperbaric oxygen. Other oxygen therapies. Physical resting.
  • Second chakra: Abstaining from sex, keeping the energy inside the body available for healing. ( In spite of evidence that sex and physical touching in general enhance immune system function…. so you could also try going the other route. )
  • Third chakra: Timing. Protocols. Dosages. Scheduling. Keeping appointments.
  • Fourth chakra: Self-forgiveness. Accepting help from others. Accepting self. Accepting love. Recognizing self as part of a community.
  • Fifth chakra: Asking for help from others. Speaking with doctors and other cancer patients. Sharing information.
  • Sixth chakra: Manifesting practice. William Bengston energy healing method.
  • Seventh chakra: Bruno Groning energy healing. Other energetic healing practices.


May someone benefit from these practices. Each cancer experience is different, but not so very different that we cannot talk about it and share information in common.

Wherever your journey leads, may you be well.


Photo of bullet from here.

The chakra diagram came from here.

For something about the William Bengston energy method, start here.

For more on Bruno Groning energy healing, go here.

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