Spiritual Awakening: Descriptors of Experience

Spiritual awakening seems to keep getting thousands of words thrown at it each year, some of which are more inscrutable than others, some are flat-out misleading.

How refreshing to find a concise set of descriptions that provides a starting point for approaching whatever awakening actually is.

What spiritual awakening actually is.

A quote from the end of the post :

Having said all this, I should clarify that there’s no reason anyone ought to be interested in this whole awakening thing. Unless they can’t help it.” – Hareesh

Many thanks to Hareesh for this concise and clear-eyed treatment of a slippery subject.

P.S. – May this serve as grist for your own practice and investigation, or perhaps not.

Photo of Buddha statue from here.

What is Nonduality ? by Hareesh.

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