Oncscathed : Journey Parallels Between Cancer and Spirituality

Top 10 ( plus one) journey parallels between cancer and spirituality…

  1. The appearance of the issue is surprising, and upends any pre-existing sense of comfort or complacency.
  2. Conflicting truth claims challenge what may have previously felt like a cozy epistemological parking spot.
  3. Outcomes are unclear, and gathering more information does not necessarily clarify which course of action to pursue.
  4. Regardless of overwhelm, inaction does not present as a viable option.
  5. The situation demands radical new ways of living and permanent life changes.
  6. Lessons along the way. (Prepare your heart to be rent wide open.)
  7.  Setbacks, road-blocks, apparent impediments.
  8.  Epistemology again: ” How to tell if this is working ?”
  9.  The priceless value of spiritual friends; the lifesaving support of community.
  10. Done! Really done? Done.
  11. Afterward: dreamlike appearance of everything that happened.

Commentary to follow.

Or not.

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