Oncscathed: Cancer Intro

On February 27th, 2019 I received initial diagnosis of Lymphoma. With blood tests ruling out infection, a biopsy under general anesthesia in April 2019 confirmed CLL, a form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. So began my entre to the cancer world, where a treatment mistake can lead to an early demise, and the bewildering diversity of views creates a vortex of information which does not point to any clear course of action but rather to more products to try, another treatment, another recommendation, another therapy.

Photomicrograph of one of the many types of Lymphoma cells.

Without overmuch narrative, the emphasis will land on the  spiritual angle of the disease, fitting closely with the theme of SIAOF , standing in the open field of possibilities of healing and a return to wholeness on all levels. 

Welcome ! 

Photo of Lymphoma cells came from here.

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