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[ The following was received in an email from Dr. Jeffrey Martin.
Full disclosure: I am part of the Finder’s Course Alumni Online
Community, so for the last 2 1/2 years I have been hanging out
with people who have gone through this remarkable program
Are you ready to put an end to seeking ? Please see below.]

The next cohort for the Finders Course closes this weekend.
Measures week begins Monday, and class begins the first Saturday in August. You can register here:

If you’re not familiar with it, the Finders Course
remains the most effective program that is available to help you
reach so-called higher levels of consciousness such as:
enlightenment, nonduality, persistent mystical states, the peace
that passeth understanding, unity consciousness, and so on —
we refer this as Fundamental Wellbeing. 

Research conducted with Finders Course participants over the last 5 years has shown an average 70% transition rate, in addition to
highly significant increases in wellbeing, positive emotions,
meaning, and more — and equally significant decreases in
depression, stress, anxiety, negative emotion, neuroticism, etc. 

You can view an up-to-date academic research presentation here:

Our research shows that often when people don’t sign up for the
course, it is for one of four reasons:

1.) They don’t believe that any program could be this effective
2.) They worry about (consciously or unconsciously) the effects the transition will have on their life
3.) The time commitment
4.) The cost.

Let me address each of these… 

1.) Effectiveness. We’ve done many presentations on our data,
interviews, and so on. You can find these at:

Although we’ve made our numerical data available to other key
labs and researchers for some time, we hadn’t taken the time to
anonymize the necessary portions of our descriptive data until

Now, we’ve put over two hundred samples of that online, and you can view them just like the researchers can. Transition
stories from around 100 people who took the program can be
found here:

Raw (not all that readable) snippets of post-transition life
experience data from about 100 participants in the program who
transitioned can be found here:

You can also see some early video interviews we did with participants, and more on our YouTube channel at:

And other collections of video interviews on our website at: 

As far as I know, we’re the most transparent organization in
history in terms of the results from our programs. Mostly, this is
because they didn’t start their life as classes, but rather as
experiments within our wider scientific program into
Fundamental Wellbeing.

So, we’ve been collecting a lot of data that most never bother to.
This means that our actual results are out there for you to see. 

2.) Concerns about transitioning. For better or worse, many of the materials produced in the spiritual and religious communities
about Fundamental Wellbeing are from individuals who did not
have a typical transition.

Most transitions are gentle, and one
could even say subtle. While Fundamental Wellbeing is a powerfully different way of experiencing life, it doesn’t have to be as
disruptive as many of the publicly available materials lead people to believe. And, it generally isn’t. 

Frankly, statements like “you go away” just aren’t helpful. Most people have spent their entire lives with themselves as their most
important work in progress.

Understandably, they wonder about
the consequences of transitioning on may aspects of their life
including their career, friends and family, and more.

Comments like this seem to suggest that all goes up in smoke the
moment one transitions.

The reality is that this is not the case. 

That’s one of the reasons I wrote the book The Finders ( We’ve had literally thousands of people who experience Fundamental Wellbeing interface with
our research project over the last 13+ years.

Only a small minority had the types of life disrupting experiences often read about in the more popular spiritual and religious

The Finders Course is designed to produce a safe and gentle
transition to Fundamental Wellbeing. Most people who take it
phase into Fundamental Wellbeing during part of the program,
rather than having a single, dramatic moment in which
everything changes.

Frankly, this is great as those dramatic moments are usually the
ones that can be problematic for a small majority of those who
experience them. 

So, if this is one of your concerns, this is the program for you. We
also have a follow-up program, drawn from our research with
thousands of Finders, to ensure optimum life integration after the transition. As far as I know, there’s nothing like this available anywhere else. 

3.) Time commitment. Getting a safe, reliable, and
rapid transition to Fundamental Wellbeing is no minor thing.

It goes against decades of momentum in your brain and nervous
system that are in the opposite direction. We continue to work on methods and technologies to accelerate this.

As is often the case, there are more rapid, very costly alternatives
for people who have a lot of money. However, it will be years
before these are sufficiently developed so that they can trickle
down to most people. 

For now, the 4 month Finders Course program is as good as it gets. For 5+ years now I’ve seen countless people worry about where
they will find time for the program, and then marvel at how this
doesn’t seem to be an issue for them once they are taking it. 

We’ve done some research on this and what seems to happen in
most cases is that the benefits from the program lead people to
naturally make time for it.

Some people that we asked even seemed quite surprised by where the time manifested from. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, it
turns out that most people have time in their day that can be
allocated to the program without leaving anything lacking.

Far too many people wait to take it until they believe the will have more time, and then never do. Don’t become one of them. Get the benefits of this program in your life now, not later…or, worse,
never. But, the drop outs are because they didn’t have enough
time, right? Wrong. 

Generally between 20-30% of people on average will not
“officially” complete the program (and thus we consider them
“drop-outs”). For us to mark you as completing it, you have to fill
out the scientific research questionnaires after the program.

A sizable number of this 20-30% make it all the way through the
program, but opt not to complete the measures. So in our system
they get marked as not officially completing the program, even
though technically they did go all the way through it. Some do
drop out earlier, though.

A popular assumption is that this is because they just didn’t have
the time. But actually over half of people who drop out are
reporting a transition to Fundamental Wellbeing. These people
typically report having dropped out because they got what they
came for.

Of course, we recommend completing the program because later materials often lead to further progress with Fundamental Wellbeing for people who
transition during it. 

Of the rest, some do drop out because of the time commitment but it is a small minority of those who take the course, despite the fact that virtually everyone who enters it mentions it as a concern. 

What we’ve learned from all of this is that it really should not be a concern for the vast majority of people who enter the program,
most likely including you.

No matter how daunting the time commitment may seem in relation to your already busy life, the reality is that most people felt the same way you do, and it turned out to be just a f.e.a.r. (False
Expectation Appearing Real) once they were in the program and making progress towards their dream. 

4.) The cost. We understand that the cost of the program can be
prohibitive for some people, and we try to make as many partial
scholarships available as we can when they are needed. Generally, the cost of recruiting for the program averages about 50% of the
course fees for a given cohort.

This is an average between people who arrive via advertising
(which currently costs us 100% or
more of the course fee) and other ways people find out about the
program like The Finders book
(, alumni referrals,
public talks, podcasts, and so on.

Of course, things like public talks, podcasts, and the like involve
my and others time and expense, but we typically don’t calculate
those costs and factor them in. 

It often surprises people that it costs so much to tell people about
the program. The reality is that very few people want to transition to Fundamental Wellbeing.

If you’re one of them, you are very special. Do not doubt for a
moment how important you are to humanity, and definitely don’t delay in actually following through on your goals in this area. The world needs you! 

We’ve done some interesting research on this,
too, including at public gatherings that are dedicated to
Fundamental Wellbeing, and to achieving it.

It turns out that most people just want to be a bit happier, and are looking to things like meditation, contemplative and other
spiritual and religious practices in the same way they also look to positive psychology and general self-help.

This is fine, but it makes the pool of people who actually want
what the Finders Course offers very small. So, it’s expensive to
reach them. The cost of the course is about $19 dollars per day, or $133 per week.

Very few programs are actually available for this
low a cost, and I strongly doubt that any are more effective from
the standpoint of reaching Fundamental Wellbeing than the
Finders Course. 

If you cut $133 in half, it means that we’re operating everything except advertising for it for about $67 per person, per week. Frankly, I think this is remarkable.

In addition to many key volunteers, typically there are 5 primary paid staff members (3x support, 1x website and technology, and
1x reporting and data analysis), and about another 10
non-primary paid staff (research and admin) spread around the

In case you’re wondering, I’m not one of them. I’ve put a lot of my own money into the research and Finders Course at this point,
and so has Nichol Bradford, to make it all possible.

We’ve done it because we believe that Fundamental Wellbeing
should be available in a safe, reliable, and rapid form to anyone
who wants it.

We reimburse as much of what we’ve put into FC as we can,
when it’s possible, but what we’ve been reimbursed is far from
what we’ve put in to support it at this point. 

If there’s no way that you can afford the
full cost of the program ($2495), then you can apply for a scholarship here:

Again, we try to make as many available as possible but there are
limits to what we can do in this area. In short, Fundamental
Wellbeing is amazing.

It truly is the solution for “the problem of the human condition.”
If you’ve heard things about it that worry
your current sense of self, don’t let it. 

The Finders Course program is highly safe and reliable, and we
have a follow-up program that is outstanding to help you integrate the changes you experience into the rest of your life. 

Our research also shows that the time commitment shouldn’t be a concern, and the program is highly affordable. 

In fact, we believe based on our research that the Finders Course
is by far the most affordable and highly reliable program available today, regardless of where you live in the world. 

Again, the next cohort closes this weekend! Measures week begins Monday, and class begins the first Saturday in August. 

I’d love to have you join us! 

Submit your registration at the link below: 

See you in class soon! 
Much Love,

547 Lexington Ave.
Newport KY 41071

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