The End of The End of Seeking, or Is It ?

We have all heard it.

Nowhere to go. Nothing to do.

Depending on your disposition, this may elicit
either a yawn ( of boredom, tedium or indifference )
or a scream. ( of frustration, exasperation or some such similar )

After a long journey – almost 30 years – am ready to call it quits.

But a lot happened during all that time.

Or did it ?

This post is not meant to threaten anyone’s sense of validation.
( regardless of how delicate and capricious that fickle sense is )

The point is, can anything the dream character “does”
actually change the substance of the dream ?

Or, is this dream different –
more substantive than that –
able to give feedback outside of the dream from within it,
kind of like a lucid dream
when you blink a certain way
to let the experimenter watching you know
that you know you are dreaming lucidly ?

Would that be like God watching “us” waiting for “us” to blink lucidly?

Eye from here.


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