A Forgivable Disdain of Forgiveness

Most of us have baggage.

I have only met a few
who didn’t seem to have any left;
they were all teachers.

Many of us grew up with Christianity;
most of the rest grew up in a culture
heavily influenced by Christianity.

Christianity holds forgiveness in high regard
without providing any method for applying it.

To a mind afficted
with judgement, anger and resentment
this recipe yields misery.

Catholic Christianity in particular
holds guilt in high regard.
Guilt is about failure, and the past.

There is plenty to forgive in every life;
failure to forgive fuels the sense of guilt
and guilt is a painful bondage.

Talking about forgiveness in a nonChristian setting
resembles a high-wire act with a slippery wire
on a breezy day.

Not much chance of getting anywhere.
So why do it ?

Why do anything ?
Why blog ?
Why speak ?
Why live ?

Ever wonder ?
Have spent this life wondering.

What “we do” along the way
flavors the journey.
Sometimes insufferably.
Always unavoidably.

Until it doesn’t.

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