Forgiveness: The Missing Link of Practice

Why is Metta / Lovingkindness so ” hard ” ?

How is it even a “thing ” for practitioners ?

Practitioners are self-selected,

There is born the wish
to broadcast loving  energy to the world,
and to everyone they know ?

Where is the issue then ?

Glaring out
from the depths of meditation
(or in some cases, the shallow shoals)
awaits a blockage.

Mental rigidity.

Not “allowing”
the other person
to simply be.

Someone made a mistake
in the past
and now
they do not “deserve”
to be released
from that condemnation.

There is actually an ebook entirely devoted to this problem.

If you are like many seekers
there remains someone
or several someones
who remainedly deserves condemnation

some event from the past
you cannot let go of

you simply cannot
get passed.

For Bhante Vimalaramsi,
that is exactly where practice begins.

Forgiveness practice
allows lovingkindness
the space it needs
to expand.

Without it,
doesn’t make it
off the ground.

Lovingkindness is the other wing
of the dual wings
of awakening;
emptiness and lovingkindness.

Metta / Loviing-kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness & the 6 Rs

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