simulacrum : stories from awakeville

the wide open spaciousness
of awakeville
didn’t need a golem

but mind
made one anyway
without telling anyone

the golem was translucent
and easy to miss

he could do most things
the old me could do
and better

the golem was welcome

after all,
he was mine

one day,
the golem made a mistake

what’s wrong with the golem ?

a quick search of golem lit
golems have no particular lifespan

since they are not alive to begin with
the golem could malfunction
and stop
at almost any time

one day
it would be
for good

the golem tripped, fell,
slowly got back up, and
started walking
the wrong way


the golem is running down.

he has shown himself
so terribly useful
at so may things
how he will be missed

the golem
of my attributes
my collection of the good
and the worthwhile

before my eyes

another precious mind creation

so much
for what
I thought


stories from awakeville are chunks of free verse
derived from post awakening inner experience

Golem definition.

Golem image.

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