The Rafting Trip

The Rafting Trip
by Peter Tjeerdsma

Life has been
a whitewater rafting trip
for the personality I wear
at this time.

Restful pools of chilling depth . . .
relaxing . . .
just long enough
to dump me

over another fall
through an uncontrollable attachment

I cling to my raft,
my identity
that bouys me up.

Nothing works
no goal
but to get through

hands slipping
on my ego-paddle

I push away
from a huge rock
rearing up in my path
only to slam backwards
into a small one.

I recall
I am not alone
in this raft.

The guide says,
keep your oars in the water,
look downstream,
and simply steer.”


The Rafting Trip is an original expression of Peter Tjeerdsma,
first posted in the Buddhist forum on The Well in 1994.

The Rafting Trip is Peter Tjeerdsma’s initial contribution to SIOF;
many thanks to him for it.

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