Shaktipat: Leaving Room for Grace


His name is Ramaji.

Ramaji does a kind of energetic transmission called RASA .

It felt amazing – unlike anything else.


A friend of mine had told me about Ramaji.

You never know what friends are into.

A group of us went in together on the Ramaji invitation.

Ramaji works on Skype and other meeting apps.

The apps allow for seeing others in the ” room ” –  over 30 attendees from countries across the globe.

Ramaji explained that this would not not require anything beyond our participation, and that, once any questions were answered, he would begin. After about half an hour of Q & A, it was time.

We were to close our eyes and relax.

* *

During the years involved with Buddhism,
I had heard warnings about ” shaktipat gurus “,
how they operate like drug dealers,
how people get hooked on the bliss energy,
and how it doesn’t “lead anywhere”.

Real practice comes from “you”, not from someone else.
Real practice happens through time and effort.
No one else can “do it for you “.

It all made sense.

No room left for grace.

On the organizational level, some of the shaktipat lineages come through unsavory
(or at best questionable ) organizations, plagued by lawsuits
and rocked by scandals and allegations of criminal activity.

So I Googled Ramaji.
He came up clean.

Ramaji is a one man operation.
His organization: nonexistent – not even a secretary.
Living by his own efficacy and example.

Fair enough.

* * **

I had tried some things like this before – sort of.

Braco, the Croatian guy who blesses people through his gaze, and
Abdy Electriciteh – who knocks people down with his touch. Also received the Deeksha-Oneness Blessing, which felt pleasant for a moment, then quickly faded.

To be fair, these may or may not be categorized as shaktipat, but their energetic transmissions were the closest thing I had encountered, until now.

At least here, they felt like harmless curiosities.

Your mileage may vary.

Categories aside, everything is its own thing.

* * ** ***

What does the end of the path look like ?
How do we know that we have arrived ?

A variety of maps are available.
Most are fairly inscrutable.

After research, more meditation, etc.
am left sitting in the dark,
feeling not quite “done”,
wondering which way leads to deepening.

According to Ramaji, RASA moves the recipient further along the path.

In this heart, participation in the RASA left the door open for grace,
without waiting for anything at all.


* * ** *** *****

The afternoon warmed to 75 degrees, broad sunbeams generously spilled through the West windows.

RASA began.

In a city hundreds of miles away, Ramaji bowed his head and moved his hands through the air, while here in my living room distinct somatic responses started happening.

With eyes closed, both hands immediately turned ice-cold.

In mind, some old, unloved thought-forms took visible shape in technicolor, and then left, as if flushed away on a gentle cleansing current.

Checking later, those pernicious unloved thought-forms (old unhealed painful memories) had disappeared for good, leaving spaciousness and peace in their wake.

* * ** *** ***** ********

The first RASA felt like a gentle stream of flowing water.

Two weeks later, the second RASA impacted with the force of Thor’s hammer,
scouring out whatever impediments remained to clarity, openheartedness and
deep peace.

The time since has been filled with a vividness, a joy and clarity not previously experienced.

I do not understand how this works, only that it does.

The power of RASA helped to heal old scars and release an effervescence almost as transformative as the awakening event itself.

Just as on that strange day almost 6 years ago,
another energetic tsunami swept the mind,
awestruck and bereft, into timeless, naked silence.


* * ** *** ***** ******** **************

RASA (acronym):  Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement

For more info about Ramaji,

For more about RASA,


Other references:

Photos from here: Lead Photo of Ramaji , RASA , RASA art


Abdy Electriciteh,

Thor’s Hammer :

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