Primitive Hut Retreat


primitive hut retreat
on a breezy hillside
of scrub forest
in winter

little hooves scuff by
at 1:00 am

one morning
two owls duel hooting
in the predawn dark

immersed in natural quiet
alive, vital, spacious, free

animal, vegetable and mineral
acoustic contributions
from every direction

not like the dead quiet
at Bell Labs sound-damp chamber

where no owls hoot
no chipmunks dart
no drawn out lowing
from cattle across the valley

why step back from the world
on a pilgrimage to nowhere
looking for nothing
waiting for nothing
sitting with no goal
not even an aspiration ?

didn’t this used to be spiritual ?
driven ?
important !?!

an agenda
trying to budge, shove, succeed
as if practice
was about winning a prize

a farce of inner force
twisting God’s arm
to make awakening fall
from her grasp

like the mythical apple
that never struck
Sir Isaac Newton

gravity never noticed
his marvelous observations
the planets continued on their course
naturally, marvelously indifferent
to the brilliance of his thoughts

all along
God and this one
breathed the same breath
entertained the same notions
emoted the same heart’s energy

now standing under the open sky

twilight fades into night

stars peek out in twos and threes

the half-moon rising slowly

scree tumbles down the hillside

cold breeze caressing

hot tea steaming

starlight shining

bright and vivid

nothing missing

nothing missing

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The hut photo was taken by the author.

Starry night from here:

Reference to the anechoic chamber :

The retreat took place here:
( see

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