Solstice Fire


my brother belted out

  his four-year old son’s

favorite song

with great gusto

 enthusiasm for PUFF

ranged around the fire

crackling from Immanuel’s fire pit

keeping time on the djembe

moon not yet risen

fajitas not half-eaten

merlot not half finished

keeping time on the djembe

flames gently licking split dry logs

clear evening air

not bothering to stir

dry chill, banished close to the hearth

shakers, castenets, recorder, drums

keeping time on the djembe

“Was there fruitcake before solstice ?”

“Try one of these !”

“The tortoise dug a new den this year.”

“How’s  retirement going ?”

keeping time on the djembe

 snippets of conversation

 comprising life together

– community –

what I hiked so far away from

high up in the mountains

 here lies the social

talking, tears , laughter, percussion

and fruitcake


do they know

the love they are held with ?

do they sense

the love that they are ?

the song is almost over

roll to big finish

perfect flames snapping at dry logs

solstice fire of split dry wood

radiates the warmth of the personal

a deeply human glow

within the cool sea of awareness

“Why, yes, I like Sponge-Bob !”

“Arianna’s baby is due in April. “

“Have you heard from Zion and Isabella ?”

Slipping the djembe into its carrier.

“Please take something home.”

“Already done, love.”

Already done.


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