Ascend in Silence

Ascend in silence

Ascend in silence
rest in spacious
sky-like awareness
horizon to horizon
no time…no lack…no effort.

Descend into silence
greet the menagerie
untamed beasties
roaming the wilds
of an unowned mind.

Stand as silence
like the ubiquitous junipers
impassive stone Buddhas
witnessing back-swimmers
in the reflecting pool.

Gaze within silence
dusk softly deepens
hazy moon rises
in a murky grey sky.

Listen to silence
all day drizzle
pit-patter down
on high desert heights.

Immersed in silence
boots softly scuff rock
cattle low forlornly
two crows caw
from temple steps.

Return with silence
to a world of abrupt noise
arising and falling
within vast quiet.

Silence remains.

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