Silent Retreat at Garchen

Time for some mental health time-outs.

This year’s choice: Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley, AZ; altitude of 4692 ft. (1) in the mountainous North Central  region of the state.

The Garchen Buddhist Institute stands on a group of rocky outcroppings towering hundreds of feet above the rural agricultural  & ranching Chino Valley to the West and South.

The Garchen Buddhist Institute accepts and accommodates  people of all persuasions who seek solitude and sanity in silence.(2) For this I am deeply grateful.

In addition to providing retreat accommodations, the Garchen Buddhist Institute also provides Vajrayana Buddhist services ( White Tara) every 2:00 pm Sundays and other Tibetan Buddhist pujas and teachings per their calendar.

Thanks to all involved for their many kindnesses and facilitations which enriched this beings’ experience.

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(2)      Independent retreats may stretch up to a combined 14 days in a calendar year.
Retreats longer than 14 days must be guided by a lama and structured along traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices.

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